What Doing Leadership Looks Like

We mutually agree to:

1.  Discuss the challenges of leadership.

2.  Describe their personal traits, styles, and philosophies of leadership.

3.  Explore individual core leadership skills.

4.  Relate vision to a leadership plan.

5.  Identify and asses collaborative leadership opportunities.

6.  Demonstrate ethics in leadership.

Course Topics & Schedule (subject to change):


Unit 1: Leadership Traits and Personal Competencies

Being a Leader

Leadership Traits, Philosophy, and Style

Unit 2: Group and Team Development

Setting the tone and stage

Dance Floor Theory Leadership

Conflict Management

Unit 3: Partnering and Collaboration

Common Purpose

Enable Others to Act

Spirit of Community

Unit 4: Leadership as a Social Construct

Case Studies

Leadership is Learned
Unit 5: Impact of Culture and Context on Leadership

Swift Kick Leadership

Salsa, Soul, Spirit