Alright so Friday I leave for Albuquerque to go back home till I get my Associates At the community college I am going too.  I’m going to be sad to leave because I love it here so much, but my family comes first when they need something I will do it to the best of my ability.   I want to give a couple shout outs to professors, staff and a club.  So first of all there is Michelle Romero who allows me to blog for the school so if you want to blog go talk to her!  She is our blogging mamma and will always help us with anything she is amazing and I will miss her. Shirley who is the campus minister who has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to or just someone to sit down and chat with in between classes. she is also amazing,  Dr. Linda Reid she is my advisor, professor and my friend.  She is amazing person who I know for a fact I’m going to stay talking too on facebook since she’s my friend on there.  Last but not least I want to give a shut out to GAB and all my friends I made while in GAB they are amazing people who you can hang out with and also a smokers case smoke a cigarette with before events, before meetings, after meetings before classes anything there all great people to be around.   As this week comes to an end and finals are ending its going to be rough leaving but you know what I will be here to visit whenever I can.  If you want to stay in touch with me or have any questions you can send me an email at  I’ll me more then happy to talk to any one.

Wish everyone best in college and in life and thank you for reading my blogs this year.

Anthony Santillanes

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