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So I wanted to do another blog since I miss writing about ASC and about what I do for fun.

So Since I have been back home I started to work at Rio Rancho Meats cutting meat moved out of my house into my aunties house since she has a bedroom open there away from everybody so I basicly have half the house to myself along with a pool that i can swim in whenever i want, grill the same thing and come and go as a I please so its basicly having my own place and I am paying her 100 a month in rent so it works.  I also got fired for fighting one of my coworkers so I am currently looking for a new job.  My laptop also doesn’t work anymore the motherboard is fried so once I get a new job I’ll get me one.  At the moment im at my grandpa’s using his.  Also as many of my readers know I am transfering to a Community college in the fall let me tell you not the smartest thing some times because not all of your credits transfer only 12 credits did out of about 30 credits so it sucks.  And all of the classes I took for business did not transfer which is not fun either!!!  Anyways I just wanted to give you a rundown on what has happend so far in the 2.5 weeks i have been home so far.

Your native New Mexican,

Anthony Santillanes

PS.  if you want to find me on face book go right on ahead i’ll add you!

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