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So last Thursday my roommate fully withdrew from ASC and moved out on friday. I helped him get all of his things together and take it out to his truck Thursday night and Friday morning. Let me tell you its werid not having a roommate anymore. I don’t have anyone to talk to at night or go for a smoke with in early morning around 2am or to even hang out. When you have a roommate you have a make a bond between the two of you that you will never forget and will miss. I am missing that bond right now don’t have anyone to talk to in between my classes while he sat in the room all day and didn’t go to class. By the way that is not what your supposed to do. Your supposed to go to all of your classes and not sleep most of the day away. But anyways when your roommate leaves for good its werid. Yea you have the WHOLE room to yourself untill you find yourself a roommate but other then that you are stuck in a room by yourself just being unless you have friends over a lot then it won’t be as boring. Oh and 1 week until Thanksgiving break and time to go home for a couple days and see the family I am excited to go home!

That is all I have for now commin back at you soon.

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