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So I ran for senate and applied to be an RA(resident assistant) with both of them my GPA killed my chances.  To be on senate you need a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 I don’t have anywhere close to that.  To be an RA you need at least a cumulative GPA of a 2.3 I don’t have close to that either.  I’m in first place not really though with a 1.0  GPA.  Never mess around in college and if you do be smart unlike me and do your school work first before you go out.  I payed for it and learned my lesson.   I am now passing all my classes but at the same time struggling to get that GPA up since if I don’t get at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA  this semester I will lose my instate tution and will be worried about how i’ll be paying for ASC lucky me right not really.

1. don’t mess around unless you finish your school work, remember your here for school

2. go to all of your classes you will pay for it in the long run if you skip alot

3. use all the resources around the school they are there to help you do good!

4. talk to your professors if your worried about your grade, they will help you!

5.  if your not a morning person don’t take morning classes unless you absolutly have too!


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So I was done getting names by 10am this morning. I know you cant see the sigs in the video we thought you would be able too but didn’t work.  I had about 15 and Kat had about 7 or 8 I believe  Also here’s a funny picture of me goofing around

goofing off

So I am just simply amazing obviously lol

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So tonight around 10 PM, My RA which is a Resident Assistant in the dorms which my RA is a total BA. Anyways he knocked on my door and asked me to apply to be an RA next semester so right now I’m in a debate with myself if I should apply there are many perks to being an RA like free housing and it looks good on your resume but at the same time there are downsides, I might have to stay here during breaks, making sure everyone in the hall isn’t fighting with each other and enforcing many rules. So I’m going to do a Poll there are 2 options:

A: Apply to be an RA
B: Don’t apply

the outcome of this poll won’t make my decision I’m just wondering what all of you think!

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