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So I wanted to do another blog since I miss writing about ASC and about what I do for fun.

So Since I have been back home I started to work at Rio Rancho Meats cutting meat moved out of my house into my aunties house since she has a bedroom open there away from everybody so I basicly have half the house to myself along with a pool that i can swim in whenever i want, grill the same thing and come and go as a I please so its basicly having my own place and I am paying her 100 a month in rent so it works.  I also got fired for fighting one of my coworkers so I am currently looking for a new job.  My laptop also doesn’t work anymore the motherboard is fried so once I get a new job I’ll get me one.  At the moment im at my grandpa’s using his.  Also as many of my readers know I am transfering to a Community college in the fall let me tell you not the smartest thing some times because not all of your credits transfer only 12 credits did out of about 30 credits so it sucks.  And all of the classes I took for business did not transfer which is not fun either!!!  Anyways I just wanted to give you a rundown on what has happend so far in the 2.5 weeks i have been home so far.

Your native New Mexican,

Anthony Santillanes

PS.  if you want to find me on face book go right on ahead i’ll add you!

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Alright so I put in my new alternator and took back the old one to autozone since there was a core charge of 10 dollars which means I got that money back BUT I had to spend it on a new solenoid because that was out too which cost 9.99 with tax so it still evened out to be 250 dollars worth of parts because of it.  After all that work and frustration on my truck it  is working again and I feel accomplished since like always with my truck unless its a tune up or an oil change because Im too lazy to do myself I fixed it and got it running. but thanks to my friend’s jumping me every single time it needed a jump and also my friend that helped me get that old alternator out and the new one in we shall call him grease monkey since I am one also.  all it took after we put it on was a nice jump to get the battery to have some life in it again since it was dead and the alternator to start going to hold the charge. So its alive and working!

Yes I know the last several blog’s have been about my truck and my money issues but its ok!

grease monkey

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Alright so yesterday I got my tax refund which was about 147 dolalrs.  Today I had to spend just about all of it because of my truck.  (one bad thing about having a vehicle while in college)  it cost’s money to maintain it.   On Monday night my truck would not start so that meant 1 of 2 things 1. the alternator died on me or my battery is dead or died.  Turn’s out I lucked out by it being the cheaper one of the 2 which was the battery died on me and would not hold a charge any more. So I went to walmart to get a new battery and let them install it since its free to install but it cost me around 83 dollars just for that.

While I was waiting in line to get serviced I decided to look at my engine while it was turned on.  I noticed 2 thing’s my raidiater hose(the antifreeze one) had a giant leak so check off one more thing to buy but could install myself.  Then i started to look at my belts and noticed my serpatine belt was really loose while it was running to so I turned off my truck and turns out that one belt is about to snap on me.  So check that one off too.

so I went to the one of the auto part stores here in alamosa off of 3rd and state street.  and bought both those parts after the battery was installed that was another 30 dollars right there total for those 2 things.  I replaced the old hose tonight, but I need to find a ratchet so I can replace that belt.  Wish me luck on my surch

Grease Monkey at the moment


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When I came to college I did not think I would be this broke all the time!  Money is so tight I can’t afford my cheap cigarettes.  Yes I smoke, but I’m trying to quit.  But anyways,  my cheap cigs are only 3 dollars and I can’t even afford that!  When you come to college be prepared to be broke almost all the time unless you’re lucky and have family to help you out with money.


–All the money I have to my name–

Now on to my coffee.  So as many as you know caffeine is a college student’s best friend because of those late nights doing homework or studying.  There are also people like myself that just like the taste of coffee even though it doesn’t wake us up one bit.  Every morning before I go to class I drink a pot of coffee – which is 5 cups for me because my coffee pot is not that big.  Anyways coffee is my best friend in the morning and throughout the day just because of the taste.  So make sure you bring yourself some type of caffeine drink to college because you will need it.


–My best friend coffee with only about 2 cups left in the pot–

If  you have any questions don’t hesitate and ask me, I will answer them!

The guy who loves coffee,


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