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So I am at home right now since yesterday and let me tell you its been good so far. went to the last supper mass last night at my church(which was amazing). I came home watched some auctions. I’m trying to get a new laptop off of its a penny auction site only 8 hours left till I know lol. Anyways back to my trip home so far. I met with the vocations director of my diocese this morning to talk about some stuff that has been popping into my head which is seminary/priest hood. I went on a vocations retreat in 09 and he told me I wasn’t ready and today when we met he could sense I’m ready for it but wants me to discern it more so I will know if that is truly what will make me happiest. That is what I’m going to do discern it and pray about it more.

The reason it says couch on the title is because im going to be sleeping on the couch this weekend while i’m home. YAY for being able too… not

If you have any comment, questions or concerns let me know.

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Hey everyone so in the last 2 weekends I went on 2 different retreats.  The first one I went on the weekend up Oct 16-18 was the Grizzly Activity Board(GAB) retreat.  It was a leadership/ team building retreat so we all can work together better and know each other better since we only saw each other for a whole weekend and no one else from the school!  That retreat was a lot of fun for everyone that was on it because of all of the fun activities which one of them was shooting .22 rifles during free time for about 2 hours a lot of us who were there all agreed that it was the best part of the retreat.  It was cold during the retreat we were in the middle of the mountains staying in cabins where none of them had heaters unless they put the propane heater in the cabin and they turned off the generators at 11pm night so we didn’t have any electricity at all to do stuff in.  because of this a lot of us star gazed the first night there and then on Saturday when they turned it off we all just talked and spent more time with each other. so overall it was A LOT of fun
fun at night with no electricty
Gab Retreat about half the group after the electricity was turned off

This past weekend I went on another retreat Oct 23-25.  It was with the Newman club the Catholic Club on campus.  This retreat was a lot of fun also.  There were students from Western, Mesa, CSU-Pueblo, ASC. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a school.  but anyways this was a leadership retreat for all of us who went.  On Friday all we really did was ice breakers to meet everyone there and also a prayer session which I thought was really good! On Saturday it was pretty laid back all day. We had 3 or 4 sessions but all of them was all about leadership and Christian leaders.  It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone I met from other schools on Sunday morning I grew close to the students from the other schools that I hung out with the whole weekend. It was overall a fun weekend

everyone that was there!
everyone at the end of the retreat! will miss all these people till I see them again in 1 year!


ASC Newman club
ASC Newman club group picture at the end of the retreat!

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