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So this week was Grizzly Daze which is a week long of events that Gab puts on.  Gab is the grizzly activity board aka student activities board.  It started off with super fun day which is some inflatables, face painting and human hamster balls which was a lot of fun.  I only signed up for the set up of the event but ended up staying the whole time minus an hour when I got ready for class and ate dinner.  Tuesday night was free bowing for the students and faculty which was a lot of fun I bowled the whole time while I worked.  Wednesday was main event we had Peter Boie who is a magician come in and preform for us he was really great and cool,  we also had Steve Byrne who is one of my favorite comedians,  he was in four Christmases and couples retreat. He was absolutely hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing all through out his show even when he was ragging on New Mexico and us Mexicans. On thursday night we had Casino night where there were $1000 dollars worth of prizes of which I could not win due to me being in GAB but I had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and working.

Over all I had a fun week but very stressful since it was non stop

Here are some pictures of the week’s events except for Casino night because I forgot my Camera in my room which is sad.

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Alright so this week is Grizzly Daze which means a week full of fun event’s that GAB puts on and its all for free!!!!!!  Today we have super fun day which we get a whole bunch of inflatables  and just have fun on them, tomorrow we have free bowling at ABC Bowl,  Wednesday night we have Main Event where we have a magician and a comedian in Richardson hall.  then our last event is Casino night, where you can win prizes of all sorts like video cameras, TVs and gift cards and more.  I will have pictures from all events so you can see whats going on and a run down how the week went.

if you have any questions about GAB and what we do just ask me I will answer them for you.

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