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Alright so this last week my computer’s battery charger went out on me.  Let me tell you its nice because I’m not distracted by Facebook all the time.  I’m spending more time watching the news and TV now.  So I’m using my roommate’s laptop so I can update you on what’s going on.  I ordered the new charger tonight.   It cost me about 80 bucks.  Way too much money for a charger but it’s ok.   This weekend there is a juggler coming to the school and it’s getting closer to the Grizzly Daze so I will be REALLY busy with GAB and everything I do.  If you have any questions or comments let me know, I always like hearing from my readers!  Good night all!  I’m done on the computer time to watch some more news and TV.

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So I’m sitting here in the Library attempting to study and write a paper. Facebook is distracting me, pandora, and of course my lovely blogs that I decided to do instead of doing my work. I thought i should write this because of how easily distracted I get by very little things on the internet. I have been very tempted to start playing games on my laptop as well. Good thing I haven’t started doing that yet! I guess I should start doing my paper and studying btw there both for the same class, Business Law test tomorrow and the paper is do as well!

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