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So this past weekend I went home and spent some time with my family, not really any friends unless you count me helping out my YM with the living stations, which is the stations of the cross but teens in the confirmation program do.  I was a part of it 2 years ago; it was a lot of fun for me! Anyways I hung out with my family the whole time besides the time I was at parish.  I was very grateful that I was able to see my new “nephew” Donavan.  He’s really my cousin’s baby but since I’m 19 years older than him, and he’s going to be my Godson, I’m uncle Anthony or Tio Anthony whichever my cousin gets him to call me. That was one of the things that made my weekend.  The other thing that made my weekend at home was seeing my Goddaughter Angelina.  I was literally asleep on the couch around 7am and my cousin and her walked into my house because she wanted to see my grandpa(she didn’t know i was in town), but I  literally woke up right when I heard her voice and was all “is that Angelina?” and it was, so I jumped up half of sleep full of joy to see her.  I saw her later that day when I went to my auntie’s for lunch on Easter also to see baby Donavan, he is so adorable.  well that was my amazing weekend with my family/church.  There will be pics up really soon!

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So I am at home right now since yesterday and let me tell you its been good so far. went to the last supper mass last night at my church(which was amazing). I came home watched some auctions. I’m trying to get a new laptop off of its a penny auction site only 8 hours left till I know lol. Anyways back to my trip home so far. I met with the vocations director of my diocese this morning to talk about some stuff that has been popping into my head which is seminary/priest hood. I went on a vocations retreat in 09 and he told me I wasn’t ready and today when we met he could sense I’m ready for it but wants me to discern it more so I will know if that is truly what will make me happiest. That is what I’m going to do discern it and pray about it more.

The reason it says couch on the title is because im going to be sleeping on the couch this weekend while i’m home. YAY for being able too… not

If you have any comment, questions or concerns let me know.

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