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Why hello everybody, I am back from winter break and let me tell you it was long 1 month total.  I am happy to be back with my friends here at Adams but I’m not happy about having to start classes again!  My first class isn’t till 10am on MWF and 11 on TTR so its actually really nice.   This semester is going to be filled with a lot more fun then last semester.  2 of my friends and myself bought 2 games for us to play during the weekends. We got Apples to Apples and Monopoly championship edition(there is a trophy).   Anyways the first week of classes starts today and time for all the fun to come with it.  So I wish everybody the best of luck this semester and have a lot of fun!

Oh by the way everyone me and a couple of my friends are growing out our beards till midterms for the fun of it so I will put pictures up when I can.

That one guy with the beard.

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