Alright so yesterday I got my tax refund which was about 147 dolalrs.  Today I had to spend just about all of it because of my truck.  (one bad thing about having a vehicle while in college)  it cost’s money to maintain it.   On Monday night my truck would not start so that meant 1 of 2 things 1. the alternator died on me or my battery is dead or died.  Turn’s out I lucked out by it being the cheaper one of the 2 which was the battery died on me and would not hold a charge any more. So I went to walmart to get a new battery and let them install it since its free to install but it cost me around 83 dollars just for that.

While I was waiting in line to get serviced I decided to look at my engine while it was turned on.  I noticed 2 thing’s my raidiater hose(the antifreeze one) had a giant leak so check off one more thing to buy but could install myself.  Then i started to look at my belts and noticed my serpatine belt was really loose while it was running to so I turned off my truck and turns out that one belt is about to snap on me.  So check that one off too.

so I went to the one of the auto part stores here in alamosa off of 3rd and state street.  and bought both those parts after the battery was installed that was another 30 dollars right there total for those 2 things.  I replaced the old hose tonight, but I need to find a ratchet so I can replace that belt.  Wish me luck on my surch

Grease Monkey at the moment


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