Alright so I put in my new alternator and took back the old one to autozone since there was a core charge of 10 dollars which means I got that money back BUT I had to spend it on a new solenoid because that was out too which cost 9.99 with tax so it still evened out to be 250 dollars worth of parts because of it.  After all that work and frustration on my truck it  is working again and I feel accomplished since like always with my truck unless its a tune up or an oil change because Im too lazy to do myself I fixed it and got it running. but thanks to my friend’s jumping me every single time it needed a jump and also my friend that helped me get that old alternator out and the new one in we shall call him grease monkey since I am one also.  all it took after we put it on was a nice jump to get the battery to have some life in it again since it was dead and the alternator to start going to hold the charge. So its alive and working!

Yes I know the last several blog’s have been about my truck and my money issues but its ok!

grease monkey

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