So me being the nice grandson I am and since I lived with my Grandpa my whole life.  I decided to call him and see what is going on back at home and to let him now how I’m doing.  First time I have talked to him since Easter weekend.  First thing he asked when I was on the phone with him was if I was going to be transfering to the University of New Mexico(UNM) or CNM which is a community college, They are both located in Albuquerque.  I didn’t go to either one of those colleges because I wanted to be away from home for a year’s. I know he misses me and all since I was like his son  but seriously He know’s why I chose to come here over UNM and CNM.  I prefer being out here then down at home.    My Grandpa is amazing though, he is such a smart ass all the time and is always having a good time no matter what.  I do miss him but I do not miss being in ABQ its too hot for me and too close to home where I can go if I need something. Its better being away from home and to be more independent then you can being that close to home where you can run if trouble comes about.   ASC is an amazing school and Alamosa is a great place to be I think!

Have a Grizzly Great day!

One Response to “I left home for a reason!”
  1. Kat Wilson says:

    keep your independence always do what is right for you….being away from home is so good for one in the long run…

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