Alright so this week is Grizzly Daze which means a week full of fun event’s that GAB puts on and its all for free!!!!!!  Today we have super fun day which we get a whole bunch of inflatables  and just have fun on them, tomorrow we have free bowling at ABC Bowl,  Wednesday night we have Main Event where we have a magician and a comedian in Richardson hall.  then our last event is Casino night, where you can win prizes of all sorts like video cameras, TVs and gift cards and more.  I will have pictures from all events so you can see whats going on and a run down how the week went.

if you have any questions about GAB and what we do just ask me I will answer them for you.

One Response to “Grizzly Daze here I come!!!!!!!!!”
  1. Kat says:

    Dude Griz days rock!!! they are so much fun 🙂

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