Hey everyone it’s your favorite superhero coming at you again. This week is homecoming week here at ASC.  The theme this year is Las Vegas and there has been a lot of stuff to do here because of it. One event was the Medicine show that they have every year; which is basically the club talent show. I am a member of the Newman club, which is the Catholic club on campus.  We did a skit called “Nuns Gone Wild”  where the girls in the club dressed up as nuns and the guys as Elvis for an Elvis impersonation class.  The song we used was “Jail House Rock.”  It was a lot of fun being a part of that and making a fool of myself.  There was also the magic show that was on Thursday night, which was really funny and entertaining.  I volunteered myself for the last trick. The magician gave me this roll of toilet paper and put a deuce hat that actually had a plunger in it.  He kept throwing the toilet paper that he got from the roll over my head several times which I didn’t know til the end of it when all my friends were telling me he was.  It was actually the hardest I had laughed in a long time.  After the magic show we of course had to have a bonfire to celebrate homecoming week.  The bonfire was pretty fun because the cheerleaders would have one of their flyers in the air and then some guys across from them were competing with them by lifting each other into the air and started clapping when they did.  During all of this I saw one of my fellow students try to light a cigarette on the bonfire but failed because their face got really hot.   That was funny to see someone try to do that here.  This weekend we have the homecoming parade and game.  We’re playing against Western New Mexico.  It’s one of the many universities that are in my home state New Mexico.  I’m betting on us winning on Saturday and having a good time. LETS GO GRIZZLIES AND BEAT THEM MUSTANGS!

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  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like fun!

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