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Chaco Canyon – The Best in the West!

Hey You! Yeah, You!

Did you know that ASAP is going to Chaco Canyon over fall break?  Join us over the three day break in the South West’s most premiere site of Native American culture.  Chaco Canyon has by far, the most concentrated number of Pueblo dwellings and ancient structures in the Southwest.

Over the three days, we will explore the architecture, petroglphys and structures up close and personal. Walk amongst the walls, climb the ladders, and enter structures that have been in existence  since  800 AD.

After a long day of exploring, relax in the observatory, as the Park Rangers put on a presentation of the celestial-architecture of the historic sites, as well as a dramatic night sky show utilizing the observatories 25 inch telescope.

Stop by the ASAP office to sign up for this spectacular tour of one of the nations most impressive cultural and historical sites.

As always,

Have fun out there!

Outdoor Recreation in the San Luis Valley

I was out on morning road ride and noticing that quite a few cyclist were out there this morning. Despite the rain! I started thinking that it would be nice to share some information about summer recreation opportunities. I am sure there is a great list of things from everyone out there that are kind of must do summer opportunities. Here’s my list in no specific order of importance:

* Climb one of our 7 or so 14’ers here around the Valley. If the snow ever leaves this year most of them can be done in a long day. The snow may slow things down and may also require you to have crampons, ice axe and helmet. Check conditions before you commit.
* Ride your bicycle. There are a couple of groups who run different rides all summer, and really anytime the weather is nice. The Limekiln area provides nice mountain biking and North River Road is a favorite Alamosa road ride. Some lists with information about riding are slvcycling@yahoogroups.com (Subcribe in the Subject Line) and another group which has a broader outdoor appeal SLVAOG@yahoogroups.com. The same subcribe system should work.

*I always try and make it out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park while the river is flowing. It is awesome on a warm day.

* I have to mention rafting! You should hook up with Mountain Man outfitters if you haven’t been before or grab some friends that know how and come rent a raft from the rental shop. Its a great way to spend the day and fairly easy to get started.

* And I guess ending my list, I always try and do some trail maintenance with one of the volunteer groups in the summer. Take a look at what these folks(http://www.delnortetrails.org/) have going on, and if you have some time volunteer to make our outdoor experiences a little better.

If you are following on Facebook, add your suggestions! I will probably add a few myself. I just realized I forgot to talk about fishing!