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Chaco Canyon – The Best in the West!

Hey You! Yeah, You!

Did you know that ASAP is going to Chaco Canyon over fall break?  Join us over the three day break in the South West’s most premiere site of Native American culture.  Chaco Canyon has by far, the most concentrated number of Pueblo dwellings and ancient structures in the Southwest.

Over the three days, we will explore the architecture, petroglphys and structures up close and personal. Walk amongst the walls, climb the ladders, and enter structures that have been in existence  since  800 AD.

After a long day of exploring, relax in the observatory, as the Park Rangers put on a presentation of the celestial-architecture of the historic sites, as well as a dramatic night sky show utilizing the observatories 25 inch telescope.

Stop by the ASAP office to sign up for this spectacular tour of one of the nations most impressive cultural and historical sites.

As always,

Have fun out there!


This Fall’s weather has been awesome. One of the small things I like about the San Luis Valley is that we tend to create our own weather systems, so while the mountains and the rest of Colorado is getting hammered we are enjoying beautiful sunshine and 60 degree temps. I have been trying to make good use of the time on my mountain bike and Adventure Programs getting in some classic Fall climbing.

I can imagine as a student at Adams it is easy to get caught on campus with your academic work, it is after all one day after the exact middle of the semester. I would encourage you all to get out though and find some cool places to be around the Valley this weekend. Adventure Programs is hosting an introduction to outdoor climbing this weekend. We will be teaching the very basics of starting outdoor climbing, from the gear and equipment to the basics of topping out on a rock climbing and rappelling off a route. If you have been climbing at the wall, know how to belay, and are having a good time climbing, this is the logical next step for you. It is a perfect way to spend your Saturday. Free for Rental Shop members, and members of the climbing wall. Sign up Thursday by 6 pm. Adios, and have a great weekend.