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What’s new with your ASU??

Did you know that the Adams State Adventure Program has stand up paddle boards (SUPs)? Okay, okay- that is old news by now. While the SUPs have taken the limelight, many people don’t know that we have implemented a new program to get students outdoors. We call it Build Your Own Adventure! This new program is designed for groups to build their own experience based on their interests, using ASAP staff’s technical skills and expertise!

The San Luis Valley is truly an oasis adventure, but it is only as fun as you make it. At theGreat Sand Dunes National Park you can of course explore the mountains of sand themselves, but there is so, so much more to it. Within the park there is a plethora of diverse ecosystems, ranging from the high altitude desert environment that the dunes themselves are in, to the wetlands and grasslands, to the alpine tundra, and so much more! There are lakes to explore, mountains to summit and adventure to be found! But that is all only within the boarders of the park!

The entire San Luis Valley is adventures abound! Did you know that the valley has some incredible climbing spots? Penitente Canyon is among our favorites. Formed more than 30-million years ago by the one of the earth’s largest ever recorded eruptions, the area is packed with history — and incredible pitches! Tres Piedras is a gem we love to show off. Though not technically in the San Luis Valley, this outcropping of granite rocks offers some of the best climbing in northern New Mexico. Offering longer climbs than Penitente, Mosaic Wall and Aspen Gulch offer excellent areas to discover. Never climbed before? No problem! ASAP’s team of apprentices (meet us here) are fully trained and amply skilled to teach you all that you need to know to enjoy a day of climbing.

Not sure if climbing is your thing? That’s just fine. Our own apprentice’s interest vary too! Which means we have someone to help with just about anything. Whether you are looking for a leisurely hike with the family or a couple days backpacking or even a taking a spin mountain biking, our knowledgable staff has got you covered!

Don’t have the equipment you need? We do. Our inventory contains most of what you need for any outdoor adventure. Not a member of our shop? These items are available for a minimal cost. Looking for adventure all summer? Our members receive free week long rentals, with a discount on raft packages (yes- we have rafts!).

BUT- that’s not all. As we have spent plenty of our own time in the back country, we have found that there are many misconceptions about what you can eat under the open sky. We love to indulge in the finer things in life, like a Big Pickle breakfast (imagine the biggest, cheesiest omelette you seen- okay, bigger than that), lasagne, chicken curry, cake! We’re not only adventure enthusiasts, we’re food enthusiasts too. Let us worry about the menu, you just focus on the experience.

So what are you waiting for?! We’re waiting for you!

Contact us at 719-587-7813 or at

Meet our Apprentices!

All year we have been guiding your trips, on campus, possibly even in your classes. It’s about time that you know who we are!! Without any further ado, your Adams State Adventure Programs Apprentices for the 2014-2015 school year!

 BDH 2014Bo Hutches

Hometown: Springfield, Colorado

Major: Physical Geography

Why I choose to stay at ASU:  Adventure Program, beautiful area, small town, amazing friends

Favorite activities:  Snowboarding, Backpacking, Ice/Rock climbing, Fly Fishing, Breakfast, Playing guitar

Favorite Animal:  Huskies and German Shepherds

Most Memorable Outdoor Experience:  Hiking through the night across the Great Sand Dunes after 2 weeks of backpacking on the ALP Expedition.

What I Plan to be When I Leave ASU:  Hopefully do some guiding, snowboard instructor, travel, become a great wood worker like Curt Howell

What I Value: Trust


meFrancesca Bush-Johnson

Hometown:  Morrison, CO

Major: Exercise Science

Why I choose to stay at ASU: I kind of like this little town and the valley that surrounds it. The educational experience you get here surpasses bigger universities in many ways.

Favorite activities: Hiking, climbing, snowboarding, playing mini golf, camping, snowshoeing, riding and training horses, playing Frisbee

Favorite Animal: The Asian Elephant. I had the opportunity to spend a month in Thailand working with the veterinary team at an elephant rehabilitation center and sanctuary — the animals stole my heart! I know over 100 facts that are unique to Asian Elephants.

Most Memorable Outdoor Experience: Being stuck in a lightning storm for 40 minutes at 1200’, just barely inside tree line with three horses. Not the best, but it was memorable!

What I Plan to be When I Leave ASU: Adventurer, sign language interpreter, Occupational Therapist

What I Value: Community

10569045_10152303777313244_3130136291032007798_nEric Learn

Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Major: Business Management

Why you choose to stay at ASU: I like the small university environment, and the San Luis Valley has an incredible amount to offer in so many different shapes and forms. I also wanted to get involved with the Adventure Program and Climbing Team.

Favorite activities: Rock Climbing!

Favorite animal: Turtles!

Most memorable outdoor experience: Kayak tour in British Columbia, it was pretty rad.

What you plan to be when you leave ASU: Hopefully own a small business.

One of your values: Honesty above all, to both yourself and others.


Ryan Raguindin

Hometown: Sinajana, Guam

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Why you choose to stay at ASU: Great science program and the outdoors!

Favorite activities: Surfing, Outrigger canoe, Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice Climbing, Running, Tubing, Hiking, Grilling

Favorite animal: Green Sea Turtle

Most memorable outdoor experience: Hiking up my first 14er and feeling on top of the world!!!

What you plan to be when you leave ASU: Emergency Room Physician

One of your values: FUN!

dkDerrick Keating

Hometown: Chapman, Kansas

Major: Sports Management

Why I choose to stay at ASU:  I really liked the idea of working with the Adventure Program. I felt welcomed both with A.S.A.P. and on campus. It’s a good fit for me.

Favorite Activities: I like rock climbing both indoors and outdoors, as well as most competitive sports (soccer, football, softball)

Favorite Animal: Some of my best friends are cats.

Most memorable outdoor experience: My most memorable outdoor experience would have to be climbing in the Garden of the Gods before having any technical experience.  I was reprimanded by a climbing guide. I don’t know what he was yelling about from across the mountain, but I made the realization that I wanted his job.

What I plan to do when I leave:  I want to get a few years of guiding experience before starting an outdoor program at a university in Washington or Oregon.

One of my values:  The trait that I find to be the most important is honesty, both with yourself and others.

imageNatalie Iwamoto

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Major: Undecided

Why I choose to stay at ASU: I became invested in the programs that I am a part of.

Favorite Activities: Rock climbing, reading,

Favorite Animal: Mud Puppy

Most memorable outdoor experience: The ALP expedition

What I plan to be when I leave ASU: happy

Value: Kindness


photoJake Moberly

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Major: Geography

Why you choose to stay at ASU: I came to Adams because of its locality, scenery, and its diverse culture! Not to mention the multitude of options for outdoor recreation!

Favorite activities: Hiking, camping, photography

Favorite animal: My favorite animals are the Wolf, the Elk and the Moose

Most memorable outdoor experience:  The next one!

What you plan to be when you leave ASU: I plan to be a mountain guide, but any job that I don’t have to sit in an office all day will do!

One of your values: Family above all.

IMG_2253Seth Clock

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Major: Physical Geography

Why you choose to stay at ASU: involvement in the Adventure Program, the mountains, the incredible rock climbing within 45 minutes, the people in this community

Favorite activities: Rock climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, backcountry travel, ceramics, adventures with my wife!

Favorite animal: snow leopard they spend all their time high in the mountains and are known for being ghosts

Most memorable outdoor experience: every time I am outdoors it is memorable.

What you plan to be when you leave ASU: when I leave ASU I plan to be a traveler and a bit of a dirtbag

One of your values: I value the pursuit of adventure and whatever that looks like in any persons life, whether it is in the outdoors climbing, biking or generally getting after it or learning to make new art or music or pursuing a new job.


izIzzy Smith:

Hometown: Clovis, NM

Major: Nursing

Why I choose to stay at ASU:  I choose to stay at Adams State because it feels like home. I love the adventure that Adams State offers and the encouragement that I receive to go outside and create adventures of my own.

My most memorable outdoor experience: It has been the experience when I can look down from the top of a mountain and realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that life is better than I could have ever imagined.

What I plan to be when I leave ASU: I plan on being a trauma care nurse at a hospital somewhere in Colorado, hopefully really close to the mountains.

One of my values: I value trust, when I can truly trust someone and know that they have my best interest in mind that is when I truly feel comfortable and I have a deep desire for people to feel the same way about me.


zacZach Potter

Hometown: Crestone, Colorado

Major: Chemistry

Why I choose to stay at ASU: Adam State University has a good chemistry program and I really appreciate the culture of the Adams State Adventure Program.

Favorite activities: I enjoy snowboarding, riding snowmobiles, ice climbing, outdoor climbing and really any adventure that leads me to explore that numerous out door experiences.

Favorite animal: Definitely a dog person who will also enjoy the company of a cat.

Most memorable out door experience: During a two week expedition, which I took as part of the Adventure leadership Program, I hiked over the Great Sand Dunes at night under the light of the full moon. I won’t forget trudging across the wave of seemingly endless sand dunes.

What I plan to be when I leave ASU: After graduating Adam State University I intend to attend graduate school and most likely become a lab technician.

One of my values: I value a person with a strong work ethic that resilient and persistent.

 jacksonJackson Sayler

Hometown: Evergreen, CO

Major: Interdisciplinary

Why I choose to stay at ASU: The ALP and to run fast, and all my friends, duh.

Favorite activities: Running, climbing, exploring

Favorite animal: Narwhal

Most memorable outdoor experience: exploring the jungles of my home land

What I plan to be when I leave ASU: Rad.

One of my values: Honesty. Also, running.

Why Should You Get Up and Moving In the Outdoors? Preferably with ASAP/ALP!

Have you ever found yourself saying: “Outdoors? No, that’s not for me.” I was one of those people until last year when I joined the ALP (Adventure Leadership and Programming) minor, and drastically changed my opinion. Thanks to this awesome program I’ve moved on from girly couch potato to adventurous outdoor newb in no time!

I don’t know what drove me to the ASAP rental shop that first week of classes my freshman year, but I’m glad I stopped by. I remember this scruffy looking guy, who was our intern last year, telling me why I should join the minor, and I just kept thinking how scruffy looking he was. Anyhow, I decided to give the outdoors a try. So, I went on a couple trips with ASAP and fell in love with nature. I interviewed with them my second semester, and even though I had no outdoor experience whatsoever, I got in. I started working for ASAP and went on my first backpacking trip the upcoming summer. During the backpacking expedition I discovered a lot about myself and the backcountry.

It’s amazing how being outside, whether it’s a canyon, the beach, the woods, or a frozen waterfall changes your perspective in life. I was born and raised in Mexico, and I never thought of summiting a mountain that’s a little less than 14,000 ft. tall or going rock climbing for fun on a random weekend. Where I’m from women aren’t supposed to immerge in adventure activities because they’re too dangerous and un-lady like. However, once I started practicing adventure based sports I couldn’t stop. It is not like I became an adrenaline junkie, but by being able to lead myself and others in the backcountry I felt capable and empowered to better myself and share all these amazing experiences with other people.

So, enough with my clichéd story, here’s what my awesome co-workers and ALP minor students have to say about this incredible program:

My University experience wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the ALP Minor. It provided me with the technical skills to be able to go out and explore the amazing state we live in. The Minor also made me more invested in Adams State University because I was with a group of people with similar interests and reasons for coming to school in Colorado. I would totally recommend the ALP Minor to anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking to gain one-of-a-kind leadership skills!

—Ashley Bauscher

The Adams State Adventure Program and the ALP have given me so many great opportunities over the past few years. Thanks to these I’ve learned the skills to be competent in the backcountry and I’ve also learned how to be a better leader. Coming to college, I would have never thought I’d be leading people in the back country nor have the opportunity to! Yet, ASAP was the launch pad that made it happen. The Adventure Program has given me more than what I hoped for.

–Bo Hutches

The ALP minor at ASU is one of the best programs I’ve had the benefit of being a part of. Not only did it give me the opportunity to learn new outdoor skills and put them into practice, it also helped me to learn more about myself and grow as a person. I’ve got to see beautiful places that took my breath away and got to do what I am really passionate about. From backpacking to rock climbing there’s been tons of stuff to do and experience. I thought I knew a lot about myself and considered myself to be an excellent leader. However, through this program I’ve come to realize how little I knew, and now I realize that I will never stop learning new skills and techniques. I am very grateful for this program; it allowed me to realize what my true passions are, and to develop better as a leader and a friend. Thank you Adams State Adventure Program for this opportunity!

—Cody Robson

Self-empowerment is the biggest reason for my dedication towards ASAP and the ALP minor. Being able to explore the mountains with just you and your friends and no one for miles is one of the coolest feelings imaginable. People always say you’ll regret what you didn’t do in life, but you can tell them: “I lived out of my backpack, climbed mountains, and learned how to live in the wilderness that no one else dares to go!”

—Kyle Bufis

Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in the outdoors for college credit?—Ryan Raguindin

The ALP Minor at ASU has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I’ve had a remarkable time transitioning from training to training. Not only have these experiences opened doors to many unknown possibilities, they have also pushed me to expand outside of my comfort zone and limitations.  Inevitable was to experience the most difficult and rewarding times of my life.  Without hesitation I recall the most simple of times, which at the time meant the world to me.  During the two week backpacking expedition, rain seemed more like a commonality than desired; however, despite the constant feeling of wet shoes and socks, comfort was found each night within my tent.  It was neither the tent nor the sleeping bag that led me to feel comfort; it was the endless conversations with my tent mate. Within the wilderness, something as simple as a friendly conversation was all that I needed. The frills of daily life were left behind and the company of a good friend was found. These conversations were endless and often times ridiculous; still, it made everything better at the end of a wet day of hiking through the South San Juan Mountain Range.  I continually find it amazing and enjoyed that once away from “it all” happiness can be found in the simplest of events.

–Zach Johnston

You’ve heard enough! Now grab a backpack, the proper amount of gear, the necessary supplies and get outside!

Monica Ramos Otsuka

ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa!

Kudos for whoever had the brilliant idea of giving away free hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Who doesn’t love free hot cocoa? Who doesn’t love free stuff?

IMG_0281 (800x533) IMG_0282 (800x533) IMG_0288 (800x533) IMG_0267 (800x533)IMG_0280 (800x533)

Because when ASAPers aren’t outside doing extreme stuff, they like to socialize and give away free stuff!

Thanks to all the dudes and dudettes that stopped by and had a chat with us! We hope you join us for one or several of our upcoming trips this spring semester!


Bring on the SNOW!!! Warren Miller’s “Flow-State” comes to Adams State University

Imagine skiing down huge mountain faces in Alaska or taking a joy ride through the powder filled woods of Japan. How about indulging in all the European comforts after a long day of skiing on the Eiger? Ok, so most of us will never do that but it doesn’t mean watching it sure isn’t fun. Through partnerships between the Adams State Adventure Program, Kristi Mountain Sports, and Wolf Creek Ski Area, Warren Miller’s film Flow State provided an audience of over 130 people a chance to watch people live their dreams traveling the world to ski. For 90 minutes we all got to witness the beauty and wonder of mountain environments and people exploring the areas through skiing. Not only did we get to watch some amazing cinematography, many door prizes were handed out such as: free t-shirts, ASAP memberships, Wolf Creek lift tickets, and store credit to Kristi Mountain Sports. With Warren Miller’s film coming to Alamosa and the recent snowfall, maybe it’s time to go outside ourselves and create some memories.

Nazir Sabir, World Renowned Pakastani Mountaineer at Adams!

The world of mountaineering is a tumultuous relationship between the climber trying to achieve an indescribable connection with nature and the mountain holding firm to its intimidating reputation. No one understands this struggle more than world-renown mountaineerer, Nazir Sabir. Nazir Sabir was the first man of Pakistani heritage to climb Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, and to create a new route on arguably the most technical climb in the world, K2. Sabir paid a visit to Adams State University on October 17th, 2012 to share his unforgettable experiences that brought him to his achievements today. Sabir was introduced by New York Times best-selling author of Into Thin Air, Into the Wild, and Eiger Dreams, Jon Krakauer. Nazir Sabir’s descriptive imagery of his explorations involved losing many friends and family in the pursuit of gaining the title of having conquered K2 and Mt. Everest. With those who lost their lives in pursuit of this enormous mountain in his mind and heat, Sabir ended his discussion with the accomplishment of summiting of K2. Nazir Sabir was truly an inspiration to listen to and everyone here at ASAP and Adams State University thanks him and Jon Krakauer for taking the time out of their busy lives to come and talk with us.


 -Ashley Bauscher


Belay Skills Clinics

So you want to start rock climbing? Or perhaps you are just a little rusty? Come sign up for a basic skills class to learn the in’s and out’s of indoor climbing!

This class will begin by orienting you to the climbing gym and explaining the inherent dangers associated with climbing and how we manage those. From there, the class will dive right into the fun, interactive  lessons focusing on how to properly fit a harness, tie a figure-eight-follow-through knot, belay (manage the rope for the climber), use effective spotting techniques, and how to start climbing!



  • September 19th (Wed) @ 3 PM
  • September 27th (Thurs) @ 3PM
  • October 2nd (Tues) @ 2:30 PM
  • October 9th (Tues) @ 2:30 PM
  • October 16th (Tues) @ 2:30 PM
  • October 23rd (Tues) @ 2:30 PM
  • October 30th (Tues) @ 2:30 PM
  • Every Tuesday @ 2:30 PM through December 11th!

How do you sign up?

  • There will be a sign-up sheet posted at the climbing wall or feel free to come into the ASAP Rental Shop to register!
  • Please sign up by Friday of the week prior to the class so that we can adequately prepare.
  • Feel free to sign up for more than one class…we want you to be competent climbers!

All instructors have taken the Climbing Wall Instructor course and are certified to teach this basic skills class.


Rock Climbing @ Penitente Canyon

Adventure Programs will be leading a rock climbing day trip to Penitente Canyon this Sunday April 29th. Those interested can sign up for the trip in the Adventure Programs Rental Shop Free for members, $10 for non-members. Come on out and get your climb on!

TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes…

TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes…
What is it?
One Day Without Shoes is the day we raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by
going without shoes.
Millions of children live without shoes. Many are exposed to injury and disease each day, and are not allowed to go to school without shoes.
How does it work?
Just take ‘em off, and when people ask why, tell them.
Register at to get updates. Spreading awareness is easy, and changes lives.
Please join this campus wide event to spread awareness on April 10th

FREE Kayak Roll Clinic on Saturday March 24th!!

FREE Kayak Roll Clinic on Saturday March 24th!! Have you ever wanted to learn how to roll a whitewater kayak? Join us in the Plachy Pool on Saturday March 24th from noon to 2:30 and take advantage of this on campus clinic to learn the basics of paddling, outfitting and rolling a kayak. Those interested can sign up in the ASAP rental shop.