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The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure

Weather was perfect for Saturday Mtn Biking trip

On a sunny Saturday morning, seven participants and two leaders for the Adams State Adventure Program set off into the foothills of the San Juan Mountains for a day of mountain biking.

Nestled in the foot hills outside of Monte Vista, the ride travels along dusty dirt roads and gives way to stepped rocky ascents and fast rolling descents through open grassland; down into canyons lined with red rock spires.

The trip was geared towards beginning riders, though drew a crowd of folks with varied abilities and experience.  Everyone benefited from instruction and practice on the ride, and by days end all riders showed significant improvement; congratulations to all riders.

Have fun out there!

New Mountain Bike Trailer — Kranked 8

Pretty amazing group ride, might have to check out some of these big travel freeride bikes soon.

How do we get bikers to obey traffic laws? – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine

How do we get bikers to obey traffic laws? – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine .

This biking video is making it’s way around the internet.

Have you seen Danny Macaskill ride?  Occasionally I see some riding that takes a sport to a higher level, and though I wouldn’t say I sat around and watched biking videos all the time, I was impressed with Danny’s street style riding.  If you have 5 minutes and watch one video today, it should be this one.

Bike Thieves!

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