Bring on the SNOW!!! Warren Miller’s “Flow-State” comes to Adams State University

Imagine skiing down huge mountain faces in Alaska or taking a joy ride through the powder filled woods of Japan. How about indulging in all the European comforts after a long day of skiing on the Eiger? Ok, so most of us will never do that but it doesn’t mean watching it sure isn’t fun. Through partnerships between the Adams State Adventure Program, Kristi Mountain Sports, and Wolf Creek Ski Area, Warren Miller’s film Flow State provided an audience of over 130 people a chance to watch people live their dreams traveling the world to ski. For 90 minutes we all got to witness the beauty and wonder of mountain environments and people exploring the areas through skiing. Not only did we get to watch some amazing cinematography, many door prizes were handed out such as: free t-shirts, ASAP memberships, Wolf Creek lift tickets, and store credit to Kristi Mountain Sports. With Warren Miller’s film coming to Alamosa and the recent snowfall, maybe it’s time to go outside ourselves and create some memories.