Unpack your boarding and riding equipment!

The alarm clock buzzes to life early on a weekend. The weary eyed climb out of bed and begin the early morning pre-shredding routine.

Skiing and boarding season is here!  Wolf Creek is reporting  3 lifts open, with packed powder conditions and a 13 inch summit base as of November 3rd.    Don’t forget, that ASAP will be running shuttles to Wolf Creek this upcoming ski season. SAVE THE DATES!

December 5
January 23
February 13
February 27

Meet up with some friends for a night time waxing and tuning session, and get out and hit the trails.

Have fun out there!

A Saturday well spent

They gathered in Villa Grove; standing in small groups shaking away the morning chill.  All had come to volunteer their time for a great cause.

This past Saturday ASAP joined the Kerber Creek Restoration Project for ASC Cares Day.

Kerber Creek is located just northwest of Villa Grove in the Bonanza Canyon. Years of mining activity in the surrounding San Juan hills poisoned the creek, resulting in a loss of plant life.  The collapse of the river ecosystem was paralleled with a collapse of the river bank from spring run off.

Through the efforts of the BLM, and local land owners, volunteers, and many other organizations, the Kerber Creek watershed is on the rebound.  Crews continued the restoration effort; replanting choke cherry trees from locations throughout the valley, to the bare river banks.  Come spring time, the replanted choke cherry trees will develop strong root systems to add strength to the river banks and prevent excess run off, which is damaging to the downstream watershed.

The day saw a great turnout, and thanks to all the ASAP staff and friends who showed up to help us with one of the nations most succesful ecological restoration projects!

Have fun out there!

Chaco Canyon – The Best in the West!

Hey You! Yeah, You!

Did you know that ASAP is going to Chaco Canyon over fall break?  Join us over the three day break in the South West’s most premiere site of Native American culture.  Chaco Canyon has by far, the most concentrated number of Pueblo dwellings and ancient structures in the Southwest.

Over the three days, we will explore the architecture, petroglphys and structures up close and personal. Walk amongst the walls, climb the ladders, and enter structures that have been in existence  since  800 AD.

After a long day of exploring, relax in the observatory, as the Park Rangers put on a presentation of the celestial-architecture of the historic sites, as well as a dramatic night sky show utilizing the observatories 25 inch telescope.

Stop by the ASAP office to sign up for this spectacular tour of one of the nations most impressive cultural and historical sites.

As always,

Have fun out there!