From the Daily Dose the Steep and Cheap Daily Email

I try to be aware of not promoting to much of any outdoor product or company. Except of course those company’s that specifically support Adventure Programs (namely Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond, Osprey, NRS, Sierra Designs, and Lowe Alpine, to name just a few). But I do get the daily dose from and for the last few months I have taken note of the blog writer who is sending the emails. I like his or hers writing style and the short stories he/ her shares. I think it is he, but wanted to make sure I didn’t have any gender bias going on. So I wanted to share his latest email just because I think we have all been there.

“It’s awkward when talking to a spitter — one of those guys or girls who accidentally spit all the time when they talk. You have to stand close and lean in to hear them at the bar, and you feel little flecks of it hitting you in the face. Sometimes when they really get going, you can even see a tiny bit fly out of their mouth and land right in your drink. If you’re overly polite, you have to wait until they finish their conversation to wipe the spit off your face. It’s even worse when the roles are reversed and you notice a tiny bit of spit has escaped your mouth during conversation only to fly into your friend’s beer. What’s the right thing to do in this situation? I recommend pretending it never happened.” -The Daily Dose